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What Is Body Contouring?

Cherokee Dental is proud to offer body contouring to target those areas where you want to reduce fat volume and smooth out your skin. Our V10 Viora machine is used for this treatment and uses radiofrequency channels combined with vacuum suction to reduce fat in trouble areas. If you have tried exercise or wish to reduce fat without surgery, body contouring can produce exceptional results. If you are searching for a medspa in West St. Paul, we encourage you to contact Cherokee Dental to find out more.

Areas Body Contouring Can Target

• Inner thighs
• Outer thighs
• Arms
• Knees
• Abdomen

How Does Body Contouring Work?

The Viora system uses heat to target the subcutaneous layers of the skin to enhance blood circulation and create a tightening effect. The heat helps to release fat cells and smooths the skin to provide long-lasting results. Body contouring with Viora stimulates new collagen growth and corrects sagging and wrinkles. During your appointment, we use the Viora wand to target specific areas of the body. The process is painless and easy with no downtime. The Viora system has cooling technology to keep patients relaxed and comfortable during their treatment. Treatment takes less than an hour, and our doctor will discuss how many treatments are needed to achieve the desired results. The Viora contouring system is safe and convenient and requires no surgery or recovery time.
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Benefits of Body Contouring With the V10 Viora System

• Reduces fat
• Smooths and tightens skin
• Improves the look of cellulite
• Rejuvenates skin
• Stimulates collagen growth

Who Is a Good Candidate for Body Contouring?

Body contouring with our Viora system is perfect for those that are frustrated with areas of their body, and want to smooth and tighten their skin. If you are not ready to commit to surgery, body contouring is a perfect solution that is minimally invasive and highly effective. Typical areas for treatment include the abdomen, thighs, or arms, and patients can see results quickly. Cherokee Dental offers a consultation that includes an exam to discuss the areas you wish to target. Our doctor will create a customized treatment plan, and discuss how many sessions we recommend to produce optimal results. On average patients require between 4-8 sessions that are each 2-3 weeks apart.
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Are You Interested in Body Contouring With the V10 Viora System at Cherokee Dental?

If you searching for a dentist in West St. Paul, and are ready to take that first step towards smoother-looking skin, we invite you to contact Cherokee Dental to schedule your consultation. Our doctor has years of experience in aesthetics and loves to help patients rejuvenate their skin and boost their confidence. Let Cherokee Dental help you reach your goals with our body contouring services.

Contact Cherokee Dental today to find out more about our body contouring services, and to schedule your appointment.

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