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What Are Skin Tags?

Skin tags can form at any age, and many people will get a skin tag at some point in their life. Middle-aged adults are the most likely to develop a skin tag, and can tend to make you self-conscious due to their appearance. Skin tags are small pieces of benign skin that grow outward from surrounding skin. They are small circular flesh-colored growths that can form in areas where your skin rubs together, or rubs against something such as clothing.

Where Are Skin Tags Commonly Found?

• Chest
• Eyelids
• Base of the neck
• Underneath breasts
• Groin area
• Underarms
• Buttocks
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skin tag removal st paul mn

What Causes Skin Tags To Grow?

Skin tags can grow when there is skin rubbing on skin, or friction against things such as clothing or jewelry. Skin tags are actually made out of collagen and blood vessels that are underneath small amounts of your skin. The good news is skin tags can be removed if they are bothersome, or you do not like the way they look on your skin.

How Are Skin Tags Removed?

In most cases skin tags will fall off over time on their own. If you have a skin tag that bothers you, this could be due to the location of the skin tag on your body. Irritation can occur if you have other skin rubbing on the tag, or clothing rubbing on the area. There are a few different ways you can remove skin tags, and depending on the size and location, we will determine which method is best.

Cauterization – This procedure is done using a cautery tool. The skin tag is burned off, and the area is cauterized and sealed to prevent bleeding and infection.
Surgical Excision – If the skin tag is easily reached the tag can be gently removed using a sterile surgical scissors.
Cryotherapy – This procedure is when the skin tag is frozen using liquid nitrogen. The freezing process causes the skin tag to fall off.
Ligation – Ligation is when a suture is tied around the base of the skin tag. The pressure from the suture causes the skin tag to fall off.

Treating a skin tag should always be done by a medical professional. This will prevent infections and prevent bleeding. Our team will take a look at the location and number of skin tags, and determine the best method of treatment for removal. We recommend patients do not try to remove skin tags at home. This can cause complications, or miss an underlying condition that should be diagnosed by a professional.
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How Can I Prevent Skin Tags?

Skin tags can not be prevented, but are seen more in older adults, or those that are overweight. Following a healthy diet and exercise plan can help. We also recommend avoiding any jewelry or clothing that may cause irritation, or rub against any areas of your skin.

Interested in Finding Out More About Skin Tag Removal?

If you have a skin tag and would like to find out more about skin tag removal, contact Cherokee Dental Clinic. Our team has years of experience in treating skin tags, and we always provide the highest level of service. The process is easy and we always ensure your experience is positive. Let our team help you take care of your skin, and restore your confidence. 

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