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What Is TMD Therapy?

TMD can be painful, and our V10 Viora system provides instant therapy and pain relief to help patients treat TMD pain. The CORE technology uses radiofrequency to help to reduce inflammation and muscle pain without the need for surgery or medication. The process is easy and administered using the Viora wand on the jaw, face, and neck during your appointment. Patients experience pain relief instantly and the process is pain-free and comfortable. If you are searching for a medspa in West St. Paul that can help treat TMD, we encourage you to contact Cherokee Dental to find out more about our TMD Therapy.

Benefits of TMD Therapy With Viora

• Instant pain relief.
• Affordable and quick treatment.
• Relieves pain while chewing or speaking.
• Reduces headaches, neck pain, and toothaches.
• Reduces clicking, popping, or muscle spasms.
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How Does TMD Therapy Work?

TMD Therapy is performed using the V10 Viora system to target the jaw, neck, and face. During your appointment, the Viora wand is used to treat your muscles and joints associated with TMD pain. The Viora system uses radiofrequency CORE technology that penetrates the skin and provides instant pain relief after only a few treatments. TMD Therapy is painless, doesn’t require surgery, and patients can relax in the chair while they receive their treatment. Viora allows the treatment to be customized and has multiple levels of treatment to create a personalized experience.

Who Is a Good Candidate for TMD Therapy?

Patients who have existing TMD and experience pain and discomfort can benefit from TMD therapy with the Viora system. If your jaw aches or you have problems chewing or speaking, TMD therapy can provide reduce pain and relieve stress. At Cherokee Dental we offer a detailed consultation process that includes an examination of your jaw and health history review to determine If you can benefit from TMD therapy. Our doctor will create a customized treatment plan and discuss how many treatments are needed for optimal results. TMD therapy sessions are only 6 minutes long, and patients can return to normal activity directly after their treatment. Talk to one of our representatives today to start your TMD therapy consultation.
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Are You Searching For a Dentist in West St. Paul That Provides TMD Therapy?

If you are tired of dealing with constant pain from TMD and are looking for relief that lasts, contact Cherokee Dental. Our TMD therapy can help relieve your pain and get you feeling back to normal quickly. TMD can affect your speech and cause problems with your eating. The Viora system can target your neck and jaw to restore function with no recovery period or downtime.

Contact our friendly staff at Cherokee Dental today to learn more about TMD therapy, and to schedule your appointment.

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