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What Is Viora ReLift Treatment?

ReLift Treatment at Cherokee Dental using the V10 Viora system can help treat sagging skin or areas with fat on the face, jowl line, chin, or neck. This treatment is non-surgical and minimally invasive, making treatment easy and pain-free. ReLift can target the accumulation of fat to lift and tighten the skin revealing a youthful appearance. At Cherokee Dental we provide exceptional medspa services to help you target areas of concern and achieve optimal results.

What Areas Does ReLift Treat?

• Neck
• Eyes
• Face
• Jowls
• Chin

How Does ReLift Treatment Work?

The V10 Viora system uses CORE radiofrequency technology to penetrate the layers of the skin and reduce fat while tightening and lifting the skin. The level of treatment can be adjusted up or down to provide intense or light treatment. ReLift promotes collagen and elastin production and can help patients who want results, but do not want to go through surgery.

During your ReLift treatment, our doctor will use the Viora wand to target your areas of concern. The ReLift technology has a cooling feature to keep patients relaxed and pain-free during their treatment. Depending on your treatment plan ReLift can treat your entire face and neck, or focus on specific treatment areas. ReLift treatment is easy and effective and produces results patients can see after just one treatment.
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Benefits of ReLift Treatment for the Face and Neck

• Non-surgical
• Treats fine lines and wrinkles
• Targets marionette and nasolabial lines
• Treats skin around the eye area
• Minimally invasive
• Painless
• Produces natural results
• Tightens and lifts sagging areas
• Enhances blood circulation
• Shrinks fat cells

Who Is a Good Candidate for ReLift Treatment?

ReLift treatment is great for patients that have sagging areas on the face, or areas that they would like to look more youthful. ReLift promotes collagen and elastin production, eliminates fat, and can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, leaving you with a youthful glow. The ReLift treatment is affordable and requires no recovery time, making this an easy and quick treatment for patients who lead a busy lifestyle.

Our consultation process will include a detailed exam to discuss your areas of concern. We create a customized treatment plan that will target specific areas of your face, and determine how many treatments are necessary to achieve optimal results. Talk to one of our staff members today to get started with our ReLift consultation process.
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Are You Interested in Finding a Medspa in West St. Paul That Offers ReLift Treatment?

If you are searching for a dentist in West St. Paul that provides ReLift treatment to target sagging areas and fat on the neck, face, or jowls, contact Cherokee Dental. Our doctor is experienced in medspa treatments and loves to help patients achieve natural-looking results. Our Refit treatment can lift your skin and tighten sagging areas to take years off of your face and neck.

Contact Cherokee Dental today to schedule your ReLift consultation, and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

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